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Stone Sugar Jamboree Live Review

"AN ENTHRALLING MUSICAL ODYSSEY - FATE'S HOLLOW" On October the 4th the Jamboree was treated to a storming set by the epic Fate’s Hollow. Their electrifying performance left the venue’s audience knowing they had witnessed something special.

Fate’s Hollow are made up of Lead singer and song writer Reece, cool as they come lead guitarist James, the uber confident Tom on bass guitar and the magician that is Adam on drums.


Their music is hauntingly beautiful. They cast a spell that whisks the audience into a shadowy, enchanting realm where each song unfolds as a gripping chapter in a mesmerizing narrative. Their opening track ‘The End of Summer’ sets the scene for an enthralling musical odyssey that reads like an epic tale in every note. Featuring melodies that linger in the air like echoes from a distant 80s cinematic universe and lyrics that spin intricate tales of love, loss, and otherworldly encounters, the bands set kicks hard. Reece and James team up to present a lead guitar duel that is nothing short of brilliant. Their intricate melodies, blistering solos, and mesmerizing riffs create a sonic tapestry that's both technically impressive and emotionally captivating. The interplay between these guitarists is a sight to behold, and their chemistry on stage is palpable. Reece’s vocal range with his distinct ethereal timbre and powerhouse flares, deepens the storytelling, rendering every song an incantation of dark allure.

Bassist Tom’s performance is truly solid providing a robust foundation for the entire band. His impeccable timing and precise technique contribute to a tight and powerful sound. Whether holding down the rhythm or adding tasteful embellishments, this musician's solid bass lines elevate the overall musical experience.

This band's rhythm section is anchored by virtuoso drummer Adam whose beats are a driving force that propels the entire show. His drumming is a masterclass in precision and power, adding an undeniable energy to every song.

Their performance is a must-see for anyone who appreciates the artistry and passion that rock music can deliver. Each song seems to be interconnected and contributing to a larger chronicle. Every band member plays a pivotal role in breathing life into this saga, and their delivery is a masterclass.

In summary, Fate’s Hollow is a musical journey that transcends the conventions of traditional rock, unfolding as an epic story through every song. To witness their live performance is to step into a beautiful chronicle of darkness and enchantment.

Look out for their up coming album which is sure to be epic!

Check out this and other reviews at the Stone Sugar website:

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