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GBHBL Review: "The End Of Summer"

‘The End of Summer’ is the debut single from Manchester based alternative/progressive rock band, Fate’s Hollow. Out on February 16th, 2024.

The music of Fate’s Hollow is a conceptual anthology of songs each telling a fictional story, with each album/EP to be based around a specific setting. The band came together over a shared love of early 2000s alternative rock, which along with some more progressive influences colour the sound of the music. Fans of Coheed and Cambria, Jimmy Eat World, Deftones and Funeral For A Friend.

The End Of Summer acts as a prologue to the entire Fate’s Hollow storyline, working as a framing device for future releases. Fate’s Hollow is a fictional town in a post-human United States. Each night a menagerie of unusual creatures gathers at dusk to listen to a mysterious antlered bird tell them stories of strange worlds and events that he claims to have witnessed.

The concept behind the band and their music is very interesting, and as a taste of what is to come, End of Summer is very strong overall. It really does have an summer-end feel, pop-punky to some degree, but is built on foundations of progressive rock, which gives it a wholly unique flavour. It leaves a damn fine impression and it is exciting to see what the future holds. The official video will premiere on the 16th, here.

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