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Fate's Hollow is very proud to present


Our debut full length record, and the first half of a double concept album, Broken Crowns is a narrative driven collection of songs following the story of a young Prince through his death, rebirth and revenge on the man who killed him.

On a distant planet, in a city where everything seems perfect, a Prince is murdered, setting in motion a sequence of supernatural events with potentially dire consequences. Part I - Broken Crowns is designed to stand as its own work, but with the release of Part II in 2025, the full picture will be revealed...

Part I - Broken Crowns was written over ten months, funded with indiegogo and created with the help of our friend Mike Lawetto at his studio, Camp Sunshine.


  1. Mors Non Est Finis

  2. The King And The Killer

  3. Child Of Fortune

  4. Evil Things

  5. Lost Stars

  6. The Knife Turns

  7. The Sum (Mother)

  8. The Dark

  9. The Way Home

  10. Principium Est

"This project would not have been possible without the support of our friends and family, not to mention our indiegogo backers. We could've never done this without you. We've poured months of time and care into these songs, ideas and characters and we cannot wait for you to meet them all. Thank you so much for believing in us, this is for all of you."

THE HEIR APPARITION PART I - BROKEN CROWNS releases September 3rd. It will be available on all major streaming services along with a limited initial run of Digipak CDs.

Listen to the first single "Child Of Fortune" available on June 25th.

We'll be celebrating the release with a launch party on September 8th, details to be announced. We'll be joined by some very special guests, so come and share the occasion with us.

Death Is Not The End.

Artwork by Adam Stone.

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